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Birthdate:Oct 24, 1987
Location:California, United States of America
My Love: Professor Snape, Professor Song & Doctor Who

I'm completely fascinated with Severus Snape. If you dislike the Potions professor (madness!), I've given you fair warning. I began reading the Harry Potter series back when I was 11, in Autumn 1998. A year later and my obsession firmly switched over to the greasy git. . .

11 years later and I'm still going strong.

I am also a fan of the Doctor Who TV series, and a tremendous supporter and fangirl of River Song. She's a marvelous character, mysterious and utterly kick-ass! I ship River/Doctor and make no apologies about it.

I love and devour fanfiction and fanart and all forms of creativity.

I make it a rule not join in any religious or political debating. I choose to respect everyone's view and I hope you'll do the same.

Short Bio (for people who need labels): I'm twenty-three and happy being a hermit. I'm visually impaired and have some difficulty writing/reading. I use special software and screens to help me along. I'd say I'm rather pessimistic, but still very joyful. I'm a pacifist with a dark sense of humor. A deity-less pagan with liberal views. A lover of Shakespeare, snarky bastards and time traveling men in blue phone boxes.

Call me Coz. ; )

Main Fandoms: Snapedom and Doctor Who.

Sub-Fandoms: Snape/Hermione, Snape/Lily, Snape/Regulus, Snape/Harry, The Tenth Doctor, Doctor/River Song

You can contact me at

I love Snapecast! Check them out!
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